Signature Platters

Doner Platter

This Doner Platter has got it all to satisfy your Mediterranean food cravings. From spiced roasted meat of your choice to fresh vegetables, sauces, and soft fluffy pita bread, there’s nothing you won't love in this platter. What's more - the platter is so versatile, you’d definitely be coming back for seconds!

CAD 12.95


Falafel Platter

Our Falafel Platter is a healthy and delicious option for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Freshly made, golden brown, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, Falafels are packed with flavor. Dip your falafel, pita, and veggies in a variety of sauces, and make yourself a filling meal with our Falafel Platter.

CAD 11.95