Berlin Doner
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Berlin Doner

Enjoy the classic taste of our Berlin Doner, a twist on the well-loved meat combo. It's made with care, featuring grilled and halal seasoned meat inside warm pita bread, making it a tasty and convenient meal.

Meat choices:
Pick your favorite meat (100% halal) for your Berlin Doner:
- Tender chicken
- Juicy beef
- Lamb & beef combo

Choose your own with fresh toppings:
- Crispy lettuce
- Ripe tomatoes
- Crunchy onions
- Zesty cucumbers

Add flavor with our tasty sauces:
- Creamy garlic yogurt
- Tangy tahini
- Spicy chili sauce

Combo meal:
Choose the combo for a satisfying meal:
- Soft drink or bottled water
- Classic original fries

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