Falafel Avocado Wrap
Signature Sandwiches

Falafel Avocado Wrap

Doner & Gyros Falafel Avocado Wrap is filled with tasty falafel, creamy avocado, and crunchy veggies, all mixed together to give you a delicious on-the-go sandwich.

What's inside:
- Crunchy falafel, made fresh
- Creamy avocado slices
- Fresh and tasty vegetables

Why you'll like it:
- A filling lunch that's also easy to take with you
- Gives you a taste of different textures in every bite
- Makes for a quick and satisfying meal

Combo deal:
Don't forget to check out our combo, where you can pick one:
- Tasty soft drink
- Refreshing bottled water
- Crispy original fries


category:Signature Sandwiches
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