3910 Eglinton Ave W unit 40, Mississauga, ON L5M 2R9 (905 607-1900)

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We’re in Mississauga!

Great news for all Döner & Gyros lovers in Mississauga! We’re thrilled to announce the soft opening of our new store in the food & cultural hub of Canada on 11th February 2023. 

Our journey began by bringing together two of the most iconic Mediterranean sandwiches from around the world. Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly to preserve the decade-long legacy of our notable brand. We’ve faced many challenges along the way but are now proud to be at the finish line, and are ready to bring authentic Mediterranean cuisine to Mississauga. 

We invited local influencers, food bloggers, and other members of the press to get word out about our soft opening. So come on out and help us celebrate our newly opened location at 3910 Eglinton Ave. W, Mississauga

We’re in Mississauga

Soft Opening Special at Döner & Gyros!

Starting on 11th February, we have a Soft Opening Special available at the Mississauga location that you don’t want to miss! With this offer, you can purchase ANY döner or gyro and receive a 50% discount on our rice bowl. Our rice bowl is healthy and delicious, featuring a mix of fresh veggies and meat on a bed of fragrant rice topped with a blend of yummy sauces.  

Try our Dönermite fries! 

And if you haven’t tried our donermite fries yet, now’s the time (trust us!)… A mountain of crispy golden fries smothered with an avalanche of tasty toppings like beef shavings, flavorful sauces, and jalapenos. An absolute treat for your tastebuds!

Our delicious donermite fries come in generous portion sizes, making it the perfect snack to share with friends or to indulge in all by yourself on movie nights. What’s more, we’re offering FREE donermite fries with the purchase of any signature platter. Our signature platters include the gyro, döner, and falafel platter – there’s truly something for everyone.  This offer is valid on dine-in and to-go only. 

Why wait? Swing by our new location to enjoy an authentic Mediterranean dining experience in the heart of Ontario! 



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