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Beat the Monday blues with Döner & Gyros Monday bowls

Mondays are exhausting… You wake up, hit the snooze button five times, and then finally drag yourself out of bed. You’re already drained, and you have to face another whole week of work. But alas! There is a way to make these Monday blues a little bit better: Döner & Gyros!

Our rice bowls are packed with flavourful goodness that will take you to Mediterranean bliss. A combo of fresh and crispy veggies, tenderly cooked meat, and our signature sauces, served over soft white rice…. A good food (bowl) for a good mood!

The best part? Our bowls are affordable and convenient. Also, they’re customizable so you can build your own rice bowl as per your liking. So next time Monday has you feeling down, swing by Döner & Gyros and let us cheer you up.

Here’s a sneak peek at how we will make your Monday a fun day. 

Chicken, beef, and lamb bowls

We’ve got all your favorites, from chicken and beef to lamb. Feeling feisty? Go for the tender cravin’ chicken for your bowl. In the mood for something meaty? The beef or lamb combo has got your back. It’s seasoned to perfection, Every. Single. Time!

Veggie bowls

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more comforting, here comes the green flags! With up to 17 vegetable options waiting to jazz up your bowl, each bite is packed with a fresh, leafy vibe. Sumac onions, cumin chickpeas, sweet tomatoes, crunchy cucumber slices, jalapenos for a bit of extra heat, and more! It’s like we know exactly what your Monday heart craves. 

Sauce it up!

Our six signature sauces go really well with our bowls. We’ve got something for all the foodie-moodies, from creamy tahini, tangy herb and lemon, and feta cheese to spicy chili. So, whether you’re in for a little mild or a bit wild, you will surely get it from us!

Lastly, we know Mondays are tough, so we’re here to help you start your week off on the right foot. Just drop by Döner & Gyros, and let’s redefine what Mondays taste like!



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