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Döner & Gyros… A bite into history & the evolution of the döner!

Many years ago, we decided to bring together two of the tastiest Mediterranean dishes we could think of. Knowing exactly what we wanted to do, we assembled a team of foodies to create a concept that would be popular worldwide. And that’s how Döner & Gyros was established! 

We aim to bring authentic Mediterranean cuisine to the forefront of Western culture. Mediterranean cuisine is known for its use of fresh, seasonal ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, spices, and olive oil. It emphasizes simplicity, balance, and a focus on health and wellness… and it is exactly those values that our brand embodies. 

Bearing this in mind, we’re excited that our international franchise is now spreading across Canada like wildfire! With your love and support, we opened our first outlet in Scarborough and are soon opening a second one in Mississauga (stay tuned for updates!) 

Our two most iconic sandwiches originate from the Mediterranean and share a passion for using only the freshest ingredients and perfectly marinated meat. Great for satisfying on-the-go cravings, our sandwiches are packed with spicy meat and topped with crispy lettuce and fresh onions and tomatoes.

Döner, gyros, and more!

Our menu offers a variety of tasty options from signature sandwiches to build-your-own platters with a selection of bread and fillings. The family favorite gyro is made with either beef or chicken (you choose!) and cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The meat is then cut into smaller pieces and served in a fluffy pita bread along with vegetables and a blend of yummy sauces. 

If you’re in the mood for some traditional comfort food, you can go for our classic chicken wrap or donermite fries! A mountain of crispy golden fries smothered with an avalanche of tasty toppings like beef shavings, yummy sauces, and jalapenos. An absolute treat for your tastebuds!

We also have a more classic, family-friendly menu with nuggets, fries, and juice. There’s truly something for everyone! Make sure to drop by our outlet in Scarborough this weekend and stay tuned to get updates about our soon-to-be-opened location in Mississauga.



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